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Ginipic Update Released

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

We’ve just released an important update a few hours ago. All existing users will receive the update automatically the next time they open Ginipic (assuming they haven’t turned automatic updates off). New users will simply download the new version. In this version:

  • New search sources! We’ve finished integrating Dreamstime and Stockxpert. This brings our total number of stock photography sources to 3 including Fotolia. We plan to keep adding more commercial stock photo sources in the near future to provide the most comprehensive search possible. We’ve also added the “All Stock Sources” source, which searches from all stock photo sources simultaneously.
  • Performance and memory fix – we’ve found a memory leak and fixed it. The leak caused the app to slowly gain virtual memory after running for a long time (and sometimes even crash).
  • Small bug fixes.

To manually check if you have the latest version open the Main Menu (down-arrow button on the top-right of the search window) and click Check for Updates or thru the About screen. New version: 1.2.1311.9072.

Please keep sending us error reports if you encounter any – they are helping us a lot!

Ginipic – Excelente Buscador de Fotos :)

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

This time in Spanish – read the review at wwwhat’s new.

Did anyone say “Best Picture Dock EVER”?

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

Go2Web20Check out this great, spot-on review of Ginipic by the Go2Web20 blog, titled “The Best Picture Dock I’ve EVER Seen“. Very flattering…

Thanks Orli!

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